Columnist: Lindsay Wershaw

Editor-in-Chief: Yasmin Alameddine

As I am writing this, the weather has fluctuated from a calm 46 degrees to suddenly pouring raining and approaching the mid to low 20s. Just another casual day in Ithaca, right?  Let’s be real, the weather in Ithaca can be slightly unpredictable to say the least. So what should we do? I want to at least try and look somewhat decent in class (read: non-sweatpants attire), but how shall I pull it off?

The answer to all of your problems, well at least to those around your cranium region, is the beanie.

The beanie has the right amount of “I don’t care how I look” feel with a bit of “New York City chic hipster” vibe. Even on the worst of days, a beanie can hide most, if not, all of your problems. Wet hair from running right outside of the shower? A beanie will keep your hair from freezing into thin icicles in no time. Wearing mismatched clothes because a pile of laundry has taken up the entire floor? A beanie will transform even the most heinous outfit, into a hobo-chic sensation.

You can get beanies from any clothing store, from high-end to thrift shop. While I’m more inclined to wear a slouchy off-white beanie with a pom-pom on top, you can’t go wrong with a classic slouchy grey beanie. However, if you’re a little more adventurous and want to show off your fun personality, try out some wonderful brightly colored and patterned looking beanies.

Thanks to Phil the groundhog seeing his shadow, we have to suffer another six more weeks of winter. To keep myself sane during this period of prelims, papers, essays, projects, oh, and did I say more prelims? The Neff daily beanie in a bright aqua-mint color is exactly the thing to lift up a little bit of springiness into my step.

So the next time you’re trudging up the slope, avoiding eye contact with people on Ho Plaza, eating lunch at Trillium, or studying in the stacks – wear a beanie, it could make your day a lot more comfy.