We all have to have a first time. For many there is some stress involved, occasionally some crying, even some the occasional breakdown. There is a lot of pressure from the outside world. All sorts of people will have different opinions about how you should be doing it. They want to make sure you are completely informed and you know exactly what the choice you are making entails.

Get your head out of the gutter. I am talking about your first time voting. It will be my first time this November. For many of us it will be more difficult to register seeing as we are not at home. Also this whole college thing means many of us do not have nearly enough time to become completely informed participants in the democratic process. Here are some tools:

Rock the vote started during the MTV era in order to encourage the new generation to vote. This website provides an intuitive interface to fill out your registration ballot and all you need to do is mail it.

This is a good “quiz” on who to vote for based on your opinions but it also weights your decisions based on your priorities. If nothing else it’s an interesting intellectual exercise and a place to start future candidate research.