Midway through October means that spooky season is most definitely upon us. Some people have probably been planning their costumes for months while others will wait until the pregame before the first night of Halloween to figure out what they will wear. But the spookiest things on Cornell’s campus aren’t going to be the costumes, the movies, or black cats (aka Collegetown skunks)…

The snowflake on my weather app is one of the most terrifying things I have recently seen. We just went through second summer! How is it possible to go from 70’s one week to the threat of snow the next? Like the boys still wearing khaki shorts today in 30 degrees, I am not ready to let go of wearing summer clothing quite yet.


Nothing makes your heart sink to the floor more than walking into a classroom late and seeing everyone’s backpacks lined up in the front of the classroom. A surprise in-class quiz is not something you were ever expecting because it’s a surprise- duh. Since it’s more than halfway through the semester, as par for the course you have stopped really reading the textbook and are sweating a bit at the idea of having your knowledge tested. It’s not that you haven’t been paying any attention in class, but it’s not that same night before the prelim readiness.

Lastly, if in-class quizzes cause a fright, you already know how “prelim szn” makes people feel. It’s the hands in the face to hide themselves from all the work they have to do. The third floor of Mann is filled with people wearing joggers with Starbucks cups in hand preparing for a long night, or till midnight when they either have to move libraries or go home.

So while clowns and witches might not really be your thing, at least you know you can brace the spooky parts of everyday life here on the slope.