In this week’s radio show, we will be discussing a variety of topics ranging from NBA labor negotiations to allegations of Frank McCourt looting money from the Dodgers. Check out the full list after the jump.

Roid Rage
  • The effects of Reggie Bush calling out teammates.
  • Todd McClure bringing trash talk from the field to the media.
Business Breakdown
  • The regulations and effects regarding GMs and Managers leaving their teams while still under contract
Isiah Thomas Award
  • This week’s winner is Frank McCourt for allegedly looting 190 million dollars from the Dodgers. We will be discussing the affect that this had on the Dodgers’ performance.
  • Also, the Oakland Raiders coaching staff for bringing Carson Palmer into the game while down 21 points.
We will also update the world on the NBA labor negotiations and look into the ramifications of mediation talks breaking down.
Our weekly Suck for Luck update will discuss the possibility of teams like the Rams and Colts grabbing the first round pick, and if they should use it to get coveted QB Andrew Luck.
Additional Topics
  • World Series: The effect of crowd noise on calls to the bullpen.
  • The Tim Tebow Saga begins: his on-field “success” and its influence on marketing and jersey sales for Broncos.