The warm weather has finally descended on us and there are people tanning everywhere. On their roofs, on the slope, in each and every quad, you get the picture. But with that comes funky tan lines and unintended burns. For example, remembering to put sunscreen on your face and arms but forgetting to put it on that little slice of midriff between your crop top and high waisted shorts, not that that happened to me or anything.

One way to try and combat these tanning disasters is with a spray tan. With Zoom Tan just a mere five to ten minutes from campus it is no wonder that some girls constantly look like they have just spent a week in the Bahamas.

The only problem with spray tans is that they are hard to get right. The first time I got a spray tan it was for my junior prom, and that was probably the best one I’ve gotten because I was sprayed by a person. The second two times were by a machine, and this is where I feel things start to go wrong. Even if you get all the poses right, something tends to go wrong; whether it’s too much tan between your fingers, accidently leaving your jewelry on, or choosing a color that is for sure too dark for you.

My latest mistake was not putting on the hair net right so there is a line across my forehead right below my hairline, not to mention that my hands were looking a little extra orange. In order to hide this I spent the next day with a hat and white long sleeves with thumb hole cuffs on. With a couple of showers and some questionable Internet solutions I was able to fix my problems. To erase the harsh line on my forehead I microwaved a face towel, and then soaked a corner of it in lemon juice. The juice is like a bleaching agent and removes unwanted color. I also exfoliated this section of my face with my normal face scrub and it seemed to do the trick. Meanwhile, my hands did not seem to want to cooperate and there was definitely a defined line between the color of my palms and the color of my tan.

So whether you choose to tan in the good ol’ sun or take it to a salon, there are pros and cons associated with both. Tan wisely, my friends.