Hit-writing powerhouse, The Weeknd, has recently announced a new full-length album due on November 28th according to the pre-order link on iTunes. In anticipation of his latest project, Starboy (Bowie Homage or just sheer coincidence?), fans and critics alike have been keeping a close watch on his social media accounts and have been eagerly awaiting information on the new album.

After deleting all of his previous Instagram posts and replacing his old photos with a sequence of graphic novel-esque portraits and billboards for the new album, Abel Tesfaye has certainly caused a stir amongst pop music fanatics. He has told the public that his new album will be very different from his 2015 release; Beauty Behind the Madness. With just under two months before the album’s release, we see the Weeknd implementing a longer-term marketing strategy similar to Drake’s, which was used to build a hype-platform for his Triple-Platinum album, Views.

The album-titled single, “Starboy”, features the legendary French electronic duo, Daft Punk. The EDM group provides an explosive, symphonic instrumental over which the Weeknd drops seemingly endless one-liners featuring references to both hard drugs and exotic automobiles.

Although he claims that this project will be significantly different than any of his past projects, his first single still encapsulates the quintessential “Weeknd” sound that we love. His lyrics are certainly still crude, and his falsetto still weaves seamlessly through the deep bass and complex instrumental curated by Daft Punk.

Just looking at his track record, I’m going to assume the Starboy will be filled with numerous hits that will get the party started, but whether or not he can create a completely new sound and aesthetic based off of his claims thus far will be a challenge.

There is still some time to spare before Starboy drops, so in the meantime, check out the Weeknd’s latest singles, “Starboy” featuring Daft Punk, and “False Alarm”. Both singles are available on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Spotify.


Further information on the Toronto native can be found here: www.theweeknd.com