Author: Alanna Fichtel

It’s hard to believe that the new semester is here already. While for some it might feel like just yesterday they were walking out of their last final ready to head home, boredom towards the end of break made others anxious to get back to Ithaca. Regardless, every student enters a new semester with a series of resolutions and expectations — expectations that most often don’t coincide with reality.


Going Out

Expectation: You won’t miss a night at fishbowls, and will practice singing so you can be the star of karaoke every week. If any one of your friends is looking for someone to party with, they’ll know who to ask.


Reality: Netflix and chill. Ithaca winter has unfortunately arrived, and trudging from College Ave to Loco when inappropriately dressed for the weather is the last thing you want to do.




Expectation: Kayla Itsines workouts got nothing on you. Your workout routine will be as structured as formal sorority recruitment.


Reality: Walking to and from the bus stop really takes the energy out of you, so you’ll convince yourself that’s the only exercise you need. And a little extra weight will definitely help keep you warm in the winter.




Expectation: The library is totally your favorite spot on campus. You’ll do every reading and never miss a line of notes in class.


Reality: Libe is more of your scene — not the stacks. You’ll come to class for iClicker points, but can’t promise you won’t spend the rest of the time on Facebook.



Eating Healthy

Expectation: Diet starts tomorrow will no longer be your excuse. You’ll opt for the salad at Trillium instead of the quesadillas.


Reality: Diet starts never. Drunk eating pizza and/or bagels is a habit that you just won’t break.



Being Organized

Expectation: Your notes are color-coded by class and your weekly planner is always by your side. Your room is straight out of a Pottery Barn magazine.

Reality: You misplaced the textbook you just bought yesterday and forgot to bring a pen to class. Your laundry is already piled around your room–time to call Lazy Bones.



The Weather

Expectation: Since winter came late, maybe it will end early too. You’ll only have to suffer through a few weeks of frigid mornings.


Reality: You’ll be wearing your Canada Goose for a looong time. After the first heavy snow, we’ll be lucky to see the grass by Spring Break.