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Stock: Not Ideal

Well Rosen had an injury to his hand and apparently had a concussion too. The Bruins kept that little secret all week, fitting. This is becoming a lost season for the Bruins and although Rosen has been good all year, does he really want to risk more injury and a shot at the NFL? Not playing the rest of the year could be an option in this situation.

Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma)

Stock: Insane

Baker took care of business in Stillwater and beat the Cowboys in a shootout. Can anyone stop this man? In the Sooners only loss, he still threw for 3 bills and 2 touchdowns, oh and he ran for a touchdown. Add a 98 QBR to the Oklahoma State win and this man won’t be denied, he has the Sooners thinking playoff. He is having a better season than last year (like I’ve said before), that’s hard to do.  He is my Heisman front-runner right now and if he keeps playing like this, he’ll win it. Another huge game vs TCU awaits this week, win that and the Sooners have Kansas and end the season with West Virginia (could be tough). There is a great chance, the Sooners represent the Big 12 in the playoff.

Josh Allen (Wyoming)

Stock: Overrated

Another forgettable performance from Allen as he passed for under 150 (!) against Colorado State. He also added well, zero touchdowns, so that’s disheartening. All kidding aside, everyone and their mothers projected a better season for Allen. This leaves a lot to be desired by NFL scouts as the draft approaches. As an NFL scout for let’s say the Browns or 49ers, how can you make a case for this guy as a top QB? I get it. He is the prototypical size and weight for the NFL. But when talent takes you so far, how do you respond? This season, with all of the hype, Allen has underperformed and has failed to lead Wyoming to a breakthrough win. Also, there is a reason he was not recruited out of high school, don’t tell me it was because he was from a small farming town in California.

Sam Darnold (USC)

Stock: Stayin’ Alive

This was a very important game for Darnold and the Trojans, to say the least. Darnold responded with a very productive performance. He completed 20 of 26 passes (that’s accurate) and threw for 2 tugs. I’ll say one thing about Darnold, he has responded to the pressure this season and has rebounded nicely from the Notre Dame loss. It might not be enough for the Trojans to get into the playoff, but it’s a good sign for the next level. The Battle for LA awaits in 2 weeks, I will be there. So yeah, let’s get this money.

Lamar Jackson (Louisville)

Stock: B-Y-E

Lamar had a bye this week, I hope his supporting cast did some soul searching. The Cards need to find a way to make a bowl and make sure Lamar Jackson’s season isn’t a complete waste of his time. Win one more please.

Worth Noting

Nate Stanley (Iowa)

Stock: Airplane

Five touchdowns against the #6 team in the nation is incredible. The Hawkeyes put the beat down on the Buckeyes and really screwed up the Big 10 in the process. But Stanley has a been a pleasant surprise all year, throwing 22 touchdowns against only 4 interceptions. He has responded to the challenge of leading the offense in some tough environments. Just be grateful you don’t have to play the Hoosiers ;). Keep balling Stanley.