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Josh Rosen (UCLA)

Stock: Season saver

Rosen guided the Bruins to a close win against Arizona State on Saturday. It was nice to see him return to the lineup and go back to what he’s been doing all year. Although he only had 1 passing touchdown, Rosen showed some toughness and guided the Bruins to a win. How does this bode for his NFL future? Time will tell but one of the questions coming into this season was if Rosen was mentally tough. This game went a long way into confirming that he is. Anyway the Battle for LA is Saturday! I will be there so hopefully Rosen and Darnold will put on a show.

Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma)

Stock: Heisman

You heard it here first, Baker Mayfield is going to win the Heisman this year barring something catastrophic. Yeah I know it is a stretch (just kidding), but he is the best player in the nation and the gap is widening every week. Consider this, Mayfield just beat TCU by 18, the Horned Frogs have the best defense in the Big 12. Mayfield absolutely destroyed them. Like David Pollack said on Gameday, “If TCU can’t stop Baker Mayfield, then who will?” The answer is nobody. Mayfield has the Sooners well on their way to a Big 12 Championship, if you’re playing him, good luck.

Josh Allen (Wyoming)

Stock: Darth Maul

Well the Cowboys got the win but Allen was injured after passing and running for a touchdown. This sucks because I really wanted to see what he could do for the rest of the season. The year hasn’t been great for Allen but he has guided the Cowboys to a 5-1 conference record. They are sitting in second in their division, although they won’t make the conference title game, Allen has matched expectations in conference play. He is not flashy but he fights and wins more games than I thought he would.

Sam Darnold (USC)

Stock: More like it

Now we finally see what Darnold is capable of. The Trojans put the hurt on Colorado and Darnold played the best game of the season. After the game, many draft experts have called Darnold the number 1 quarterback on the draft board. Ahead of Rosen and Allen, which is interesting. I am starting to see NFL caliber throws from Darnold and in recent weeks he has limited turnovers and played very well. If he keeps going like this, he could be up on stage first at the NFL Draft.

Lamar Jackson (Louisville)

Stock: Still doing him

This man has not stopped this season. Jackson has continued to carry the Cardinals to wins and are now bowl eligible. It seems weird saying that now because before the season some people had the Cardinals challenging Clemson and Florida State for an ACC title. But things change, and now the Cardinals are focusing on getting to a better bowl game. Jackson probably won’t get invited to New York, but I commend his efforts this season. Imagine where Louisville would be without him.

Worth Noting

Malik Rosier (Miami)

Stock: The U!

The U is back baby! I love this. Rosier has been leading the Hurricanes to an undefeated record this season. This most recent game saw the Hurricanes put the hurt on the hated Irish. Rosier was great, even though he didn’t need to do much in a blowout. Rosier has been steady all season and it’s about time he gets some recognition for it. Quarterback is not easy and although he hasn’t been perfect, he is the perfect fit for the Miami offense. I am excited to see how he handles the pressure of playing against Clemson in the ACC title game. That will be fun.

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