When we think about celebrity, we typically think of the epitome of success and prestige. As a society, we deem athletes and actors the “people-to-be.” From our childhood we began to idolize these people and make them our role models. In truth, stars really are just like us. Yet even when they commit unspeakable acts or don’t live up to our expectations, their pedestals are so high we can’t bring them down. Here are a few reasons why we should stop idolizing celebrities:

1They make mistakes.


From drunk driving to flipping people off, they are not perfect. They are just humans and they make mistakes like all of us. It’s important to recognize that, but also to hold them accountable when things get out of hand. We to acknowledge that they are not perfect and that they are not impervious to making mistakes because they are famous. 

2They’re faking it


Ever heard the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it”? Your fav celebs have been doing that ever since they first became a D-Lister. They’re focused on building a brand that sells. With huge PR teams managing their daily lives, almost any major publicized event is a facade. Even on their social media accounts, you’re likely looking at posts from an outside party.

3They miss out on average experiences


Most celebs dropped out of college or high school, not that there’s anything wrong with that, it just makes them unaware of our day-to-day struggle. If you hear them attest to staying in school, they are speaking about public opinion rather than from experience. If you’re looking up to someone, it helps when they have similar life experiences as you.

4They help foster unrealistic beauty standards


I’m not saying Hollywood stars aren’t beautiful people, I’m saying the images you’ve seen are likely photoshopped and the celeb was attended to by a world class makeup artist. In addition, they have life coaches, trainers, and personal chefs, while we have dining hall food and huge hills. 

5They never asked to be your role model


When they became popular some celebs never said they wanted to be your idol. They’re just doing their job and that does not necessarily include being an inspiration to you. Celebrities never signed up to solve your political agenda nor did they agree to have the perfect moral code. While there are definitely celebrities using their platform for various reasons, there is no clause saying they have to.

The typical celebrity has their share of problems and worries. They never said they were perfect and you should never assume they are. Even when their private lives are public, it’s likely a facade and their PR teams have crafted the persona you see. In short, celebs are humans like the rest of us, trying to figure out how to navigate this thing we call life.