One September 11th at 7pm at the Robert Purcell Community Center 26 freshman candidates voiced their opinions, discussed heated issues and bolstered their platforms for the campaign to become the next Student Assembly Freshman Representative.

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From their introductions, we could see that the candidates were very diverse, majoring in subjects from International Labor Laws to Engineering, and hailing from countries ranging from the Madascar to South Africa. They all were extremely enthusiastic, well spoken and determined to make a difference at Cornell.


When asked to address the most pressing issue facing Freshman on campus many candidates spoke about improving the housing system. While some focused on having residential hall mixers, others wanted to target housing problems early by making the housing surveys more in-depth. Many candidates emphasized the need to combat the issue of transportation on campus. Some solutions proposed were snap car services, freshman shadowing upperclassmen and more comprehensive, easy use TCAT schedules.  One candidate expressed the need to work on Cornell’s financial aid, stating: “We may be a shining city on a hill…but students from all economic backgrounds should have the opportunity to go to Cornell.”


The final question posed to the candidates was how they would execute outreach programs to connect with the student body if they were elected. Candidate’s ideas varied from online petitions, weekly update newsletters, copinion polls and individual office hours for each representative.

Source: Cornell SA Facebook Page

At the end of the meeting President of the Student Assembly, Ulysses Smith, shared some stern yet motivational words with the candidates and audience members. Smith stated that although each of the candidates were determined and enthusiastic representatives of the class of 2017, they needed to remember that, like any extracurricular at Cornell, running for Student Assembly was a serious commitment and should not to be taken lightly.


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–Yasmin Alameddine, News Editor