Author: Jacky Falkenberg

Now that the weather is getting nicer, it’s finally time to get out of hibernation mode and back to normal human functioning. That means running outdoors! But with a campus as large as Cornell’s, where do you begin? Here’s a guide for picking the ultimate running track to have the best possible experience when getting your exercise in for the day.


If You’re An Awkward Runner:

Above North Campus: You’re not the most graceful runner. So what? That’s not stopping you. There’s a great route above Appel Fields on North Campus (on Pleasant Grove Rd.) that is virtually isolated from the rest of Cornell and ensures people’s eyes will be spared of your “unique” form.


If You Don’t Mind A Little Slippage:

Up and down the MVR hill: This one is for those of you who aren’t afraid of kicking their own butts to get a great run in. The stairs leading up to MVR might be tricky to tackle, but everything gets easier with practice. Just be careful not to wipe out as you sprint back down.


If You Like To Run With Friends:

Through the plantations: Want to impress your friends with the most beautiful run on campus? Take them through the plantations. Not only will you feel truly immersed in nature, but you can spend the whole time gossiping without worrying that people around will eavesdrop.


If You Love Running in the Wind:

Beebe Lake: It may be the most popular place to run on campus – but hey, there’s a reason for that. You get to sprint around a stunning lake while dodging geese and having the light breeze off the water cool you down. What could be better than that?


If You Love to Run Loops:

Around Schoelkopf: If you don’t want to deal with the possibility of getting lost on your run, Schoelkopf is the path for you. You can run around the field all day without having to use the maps app to ensure you make it home alive. Plus, no one is complaining about the view of gorgeous athletes practicing next to you.


If You Want To Pass People While You Run:

Down East AveSometimes, there’s no better motivation than passing people as you run…even if they aren’t running themselves. You can run down East Ave.  at virtually any time of day and be sure to run into someone. Bonus points for passing the drunk people wobbling home after 12.


If You Like To Look Good While You Run:

To the Commons: This is for people who are confident that they won’t look like a sweaty, hot mess when they hit the two mile mark. If that’s you, then try the route to the Commons. It’s a high traffic area where you will be seen by your friends, without question. Guess it’s time to guilt them for not being out there with you.


If You Want a Challenge:

On Libe Slope: If you’re taking the time to go for a run, you might as well give it all you’ve got. Running up and down the slope will give you that hot bod you’ve been working for, just in time for summer.


If Running Isn’t Your Thing:

To Blackbird: You’re not into the whole jogging thing, but you still want to force yourself into it – so why not run to Blackbird Studio on North Meadow St. to do some yoga? It’ll give you the cool down you need in between your run, and you’ll get to do something you actually like doing. Not to mention it’s an added workout.


If You Want To Pretend Like You’re Running:

Youtube: Let’s face it. You were never actually going to go running. Here’s the perfect simulation video to watch while listening to your favorite playlist to feel like you are. Maybe you can trick your brain into burning calories if you watch it on repeat?