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What’s Ur Fantasy?

The shouts of, “LUDA, LUDA, LUDA!” resounded around the halls of Barton Hall on February 28, 2009. Too bad for the “I’m-too-cool-to-pay-for-a-ticket-this-early” fans,...

Cornell Sustainability Summit

Putting Together the Sustainability Puzzle at Cornell September 26, 2009 Leadership Development Talk by Dominic Frongillo, '05 Hosted by: Sustainability Hub & Cornell's Office of Environmental Compliance...

Keepin’ it Green

Fossil fuels, leading emitters of the greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change, produce 71 percent of America’s energy.  The emission of these...

6. Marquette vs 11. Utah State Halftime Update

Halftime here in Taco Bell Arena Marquette 26 - Utah State 18 Some 1st half stats for you... Utah State is shooting 30.8% from the floor, 12.5%...

CU Cribs – Theta Delta Chi (Thumpty)

Theta Delta Chi (Thumpty) Theta Delta Chi Nickname: Thumpty Chapter: Beta National Founding: 1847 Chapter Founding: 1870 Current Brothers: 48 House Features: 23 bedrooms 4 bathrooms 3 fireplaces 10,000 watt sound system 1 speakeasy

Duff Ball Prom DVD Part 1

Highlights: Set-up Interviews -Trustee Jason Alexander -Dean Kent Hubbell -Corporate Sponsors - M&T Bank, United Way Prom King/Queen