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The Ultimate Guide to St Patty’s Day At Cornell

Author: Emily Harrington With the never-ending prelim season in full swing now and no sign of winter ending anytime soon, all Cornell students can do...

Big Red Recycles

Cornell varsity athletes promote recycling in this sustainability commercial.

Fracking: What’s the Deal?

You’ve probably seen the “No Fracking Way” signs around town and heard about hydrofracking here and there, but what exactly is hydrofracking?  For those...

Green Tip of the Week

Make sure your tires all fully inflated!  50-80% of tires are under-inflated and under-inflated tires waste up to 5% of a car's fuel. Think about...

Green Tip of the Week

With end of the semester festivities in sight, think about "greening" your beer (no, not St. Patty's Day style)! When you can, choose glass bottles...

Green Tip of the Week

Turn off your computer at night--Don't just put it to sleep. You can save 4 cents a day which adds up to $14.60 a year!