Need to vent? Want to listen? Feel the desire to connect with peers over relatable, pervasive topics both on campus as a student at Cornell and more generally as a human being in society?

Cornell Reflect is the designated space to do all of the above. Whether you want to talk about relationships, gender equality, stress, or getting a job on campus, there is a place for you—literally. This group consists of fellow Cornell undergrads sitting in a confidential, non-judgmental circles, in which they can talk about whatever is on their mind.

This space, while not an alternate to professional counseling, gives you the chance to have an open discussion about pervasive issues that so many of us face. We are often so caught up with our personas, online images, and appearance on social media that we forget how important it is to share how we really feel. Reflect allows for truthful connections between one Cornell student and another, and this atmosphere is one that is both unique and important.

In terms of discussion rules, there are none. Your participation is always voluntary throughout the entirety of the session, so you can decide to chime in with a thought whenever you want. You can also participate by listening and sympathizing with your peers. The only thing you must do is abide by the Reflect Code:

1) Respect the speaker.

2) Respond to ideas, not people.

3) Keep it confidential. What happens at Cornell Reflect stays at Cornell Reflect.

4) Follow the electronics policy.

5) Be open, be real, speak your mind.

This code allows for the honest, open-ended, and productive discussion you won’t even know you are craving until you participate. Reflect meets on the first Monday of every month. Joining Reflect is non-committal, so you can come when you’re available. Bring friends or come alone, but definitely attend with an open mind and a willingness to hear yourself and your classmates discuss the struggles we deal with every day. To learn more about Cornell Reflect, you can read more here.