Given that it’s the start of spring semester, you’d think that we’d see more signs of spring on campus. Nomenclature aside, we’ve returned to cold and snow. Depending on your personal preference, our climate can be a source of joy or torture. It’s time to ask yourself: is the glass half full or half frozen?

The answer can be found based on your approach to your First Class Commute. If you’re the optimist, you’ll increase the storage on your phone in hopes of snagging the perfect shot of the frozen waterfalls to bless your insta feed. Caption? “Ithaca is Gorges.” Or maybe you want to capture a snap of the words “Send Nudes” written oh so artistically in the snow outside Appel. You’ll pick out the winter accessories that ward off frostbite while perfectly complementing your fluffy coat. If you’re feeling particularly wintry, you’ll choose a peppermint mocha, for that extra touch of icy bliss. When you make it to class, you regret the missed opportunity to make snow angels on the quad.


However, if you land on the opposite side of the spectrum, your approach may be completely different. You’ll start your trek to class by calling campus security and alerting them to your departure. After all, when campus looks like something out of a horror film, you can expect a kidnapping. You may slap on some sunscreen with a bitter laugh and stick your face underneath your desk lamp for that dead of winter glow. If you take pictures along the way, they’ll be of your resting bitch face, coffee in hand. (Note: you don’t drink coffee, you’re just trying to warm your hands.)

When you make it to class, you breathe a sigh of relief, and notice with glee that you can no longer see your breath. You’ll cross off the days of your calendar, waiting for the arrival of March. And then you just might realize that with March comes more snow. Is it too late to transfer to Florida State?

If you’re a glass half-frozen kind of person, you’re in for a long “Spring” Semester. But keep your chins up, Cornellians. We’re all in the same boat. It just so happens that that boat is now frozen in the middle of Beebe Lake. Now trending: #SOFA (Save Our Frozen Asses).