As courses come to an end this semester, I feel it’s necessary to share what I’ve been thinking. The truth is that I don’t blame those professors with “no device” policies. Let’s face it, when we’re bored in class, we open tabs on our computers and are both unproductive and distracting to those around us who can see our screens. That being said, for the YES device classrooms out there, here are some suggestions- which may or may not come from personal experience- for ways to pass the time online if you’re ever bored in class:

1. iMessage

Not all computers have this, but for the ones that have iMessage installed on your computer, it’s perfect for catching up on your texts without taking out your phone during lecture. I think we can all agree that this feature was a blessing and a curse at the same time, because in the library, those iMessages are hard to ignore.

2. Online Shopping

What’s great about this option is that you don’t need to type anything, all you need to do is scroll. It won’t be obvious to the teacher that your screen is actually on Revolve or Asos instead of on your document of class notes. Two warnings though: 1) The person behind you will know about your outfits before you have the chance to wear them. 2) If you’re shopping for 50-75 minutes, you’re going to add a few too many items to that shopping cart.

3. Buzzfeed Quizzes

This one’s a fan favorite because who doesn’t want to spend their 75 minute lecture finding out what year they’ll be married based on the cupcake they design or which High School Music character is their bestie based on breakfast food preferences. You can spend the whole class finding out crazy things about yourself. Just make sure not to make too big of a reaction if you don’t like your results.

4. Bubble Trouble

There are tons of great game options, but I would personally recommend Bubble Trouble. If we’re getting super specific, my favorite is Bubble Trouble 3. It’s fun, it’s a throwback, and there are so many levels that you can spend at least two weeks worth of lecture trying to advance in the game.

5. Other Homework

This one’s tricky, because it requires the ultimate ability to multitask. But if you can manage to get some work done for a different class during lecture time, it’s one less piece of homework to keep you up at night.

6. Reading Slope Articles (Shameless plug)

Maybe I’m biased as a Slope writer and editor, but there’s no better way to pass the time than to check out Slope’s newest articles. The content is so great that you could get lost in the site. You won’t even realize that the clock is striking 2:40pm and your class is over.