Columnist: Ashley Chacon

Editor-in-chief: Yasmin Alameddine

While I am sad to end this column with so many books still left to rate and recommend, instead of just recommending one book for my final column of the semester, I would just like to recommend that you read a book—or many books. Read during your lunch hour at work, read before bed, read in your hammock on a hot summer day. Just read.

        I know many people simply can’t find the time to read for pleasure during the academic year, so take the summer to find that book that will change your life. It may be one of the books I recommended this semester, or it may be something completely different.

        I’ve had readers ask me what other mediums exist that give recommendations on books. One of my favorite sites is After you make a (free) account, you add all the books you’ve read and the site will automatically recommend books to you based on your previous reads. You can also become friends with other users and recommend books to each other. The site also gives you the average recommendation of a book based on user ratings and gives you the abilities to write your own reviews of the books.

       For those of you who have not found that book that changes you, I guarantee it is out there, so use this summer to find it. Reading is proven to help you de-stress so if you really want your summer to be a relaxing one, go to your local library and get lost in the stacks. Browse titles, but don’t let the covers fool you, find the perfect book for you and reread it until the library doesn’t let you renew it anymore.