Cornell Days have arrived, bringing with them beautiful weather and fresh blood enthusiastic pre-frosh, complete with oversized maps and lost parents. It’s hard to remember a time when we were equally bright-eyed and hopeful, but we all were once in their (non-walking appropriate) shoes. To honor this cycle of renewal, here is our journey from pre-frosh to jaded students, as told by SpongeBob SquarePants.

You get your acceptance letter and are like

Cornell Days? HECK YES. You can’t wait for the magical glimpse into the lives of actual college students.

And it doesn’t disappoint. You love Cornell so much that you order the “free” class shirt in your host’s room. HELLO, IVY LEAGUE.

All summer, you tirelessly research the best sheets at Bed, Bath, and Beyond in eager anticipation of move-in day.

Once you get to school, you meet your roommate and s/he is actually perfect.

O-Week is your opportunity to realize how cool you can be, so you go out with your entire floor in a classic freshman move.

You’re so eager to get involved that you sign up for seventeen clubs at Clubfest. (Note: You will probably only go to one.)

You might be nervous for your first week of classes, but you breeze through them like a boss…

…until prelim season hits.

So naturally, you react like this:

Prelim after prelim hits you with brutal force.

But that’s nothing compared to winter.

Every time your alarm rings, you’re like…

Halfway through the semester you try to buy a sandwich but run out of BRBs.

You realize that being a Cornell student is infinitely more difficult than high school.

But then you realize that everyone else is suffering with you.

And in the end, there is no place you would rather be.