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Columnist: Claire Baum

Editor: Clemence Bernard

Andrew Belle is one of those shining examples of an artist who dramatically changes his sound from one album to the next, yet keeps capturing my attention in a positive light. His sound has a slight indie vibe, but also has a nice singer-songwriter element to it. Overall, I have to concede, I think his newest album, “Black Bear” is a little harder to warm up to. It is softer, slower and features a variety of computerized sound effects that do not usually appear in Belle’s sound. In so many words, it’s heavier on the indie side.

Of his old tracks, one of my favorites and probably the best known is “All Those Pretty Lights.” This song gave Belle his first introduction into the limelight when it was featured on Pretty Little Liars. “I’ll Be Your Breeze” was also featured on 90210 a number of years ago. Ironically, I think most people would agree that Belle’s sound is not generally consistent with a teen drama, but rather provides a catchy tune with lyrics that can be applied to a wide range of scenarios in film.

Belle’s new albums features deeper, softer melodies like “Pieces” and “The Enemy.” I quickly added these tracks to my study playlist because the lyrics are quiet, and, although this might sound a little odd, the lyrics are a little difficult to hear so even people who typically are easily distracted by music when they study may be able to work with them.


Similar Artists: Of Monsters and Men, Ben Rector, Greg Laswell, Steve Moakler (also check him out!)


“All Those Pretty Lights” (upbeat, fun, most popular of his tracks)


“Pieces” (lyrical, softer)


“Sky’s Still Blue” (upbeat, creative)