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Columnist: Claire Blaum

Editor: Clemence Bernard

I felt it was about time in the semester that I throw in an obscure artist into the mix, so here it goes. This week’s article is dedicated to my recent discovery of Austin Plaine. Even iTunes doesn’t offer a blurb on Plaine, but that’s fine, they’re missing out. Maybe Cornellians can help shed some light on who I believe is a very noteworthy artist. Plaine combines a folk-esque sound into the frame of a singer/songwriter. If you like Passenger or Ed Sheeran you might be attracted to this softer, lighter version of the same sort of sound.

My personal favorite tracks are “The Hell If I Go Home”, “Never Come Back Again” and “The Cost”, granted your favorites will probably be whatever you can find by him on YouTube. Fret not, however, because spotify offers a complete version of his latest self-titled album.

“Never Come Back Again” is a pretty good depiction of how you might feel during finals week. “I want to find the key to the sky and never come back again” is a nice way to escape that library grind. It’s nostalgic and uplifting beat makes for a catchy, easy-listening tune.

Some of you might recognize “Your Love” from a recent Mastercard commercial. This track reminds me the most of a more-folkish version of many of Passenger’s tracks.

“Hard Days” is a more traditional, guitar-based track that feels like a trip down memory lane. It has significant but subtle ties to American history. For all you History or American Studies majors out there, I dare you to try to ascertain what time frame this song was written about.

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