Here’s how I know I’m addicted to Ally McBeal

  1. I have a theme song for my life
  2. I quietly laugh to myself when any life situation reminds me of a Fish-ism
  3. I hear Barry White in my head
  4. I have an Ally McBeal playlist that is frequently played
  5. I fell in love with Robert Downey Jr. only to have him break my heart by going to rehab
  6. Lucy Lu will always be Ling to me
  7. I’m taking the time to write this article that no one will appreciate as much as I appreciate Ally

I first watched the entire series of Ally McBeal my freshman year of college right after getting my wisdom teeth removed. I was in hazy, drug-infused state and pretty much bed-ridden…hence the binge. Even now, though, my love for the series prevails. I can never get enough. It’s an ensemble show that takes place at a Boston law firm with a unisex bathroom, love triangles, strange characters and hilarity.

While the show was criticized when it aired for objectifying women and portraying them as needy and lovelorn, I think the show is empowering in many ways. Ally is entrenched in an office of powerful lawyers, many of them women who are strong, sexual and sometimes scary. The show touches upon some serious topics, but always does so in a quirky and hilarious way. Ally names all the cliché longings of a young, single woman, but also embraces their hypocrisy.

Ally’s nuts, and by nuts I mean NUTS. She hears music in her head, hallucinates a dancing baby and sees Al Green in her apartment. Her coworkers are just as crazy, one of them a neurotic, sometimes stuttering John Cage who ‘channels’ Barry White when summoning courage. The show is also pure 90s, and for anyone craving some nostalgia, I’d suggest this showas a quick fix.



One of my favorite aspects of the show is its music. Each episode ends at the downstairs bar where all of the characters drink and dance. Music is integrated flawlessly into the show’s story lines and often there are some awesome musical cameos. Not only does the show feed off its soundtrack, but so does the main character.

The series is magical, addicting and smart. It’s about soul mates, friendship and struggling to find happiness. Something about watching the show makes me ready to conquer all, or at least attempt to do so. It also allows me to live vicariously through Ally who dates some of the sexiest men, including Robert Downey Jr., Bon Jovi, James Marsden, Tate Donovan, Dylan McDermott, Jesse L. Martin and Mark Feurstein

Now PLEASE watch this video and tell me you don’t want to watch this show: