Before I start this concert review, I have to be honest, I was only going to see THEESatisfaction. My friends and I showed up a couple songs before the end of the Malitia MaliMob’s set. I’m not a big fan of aggressive rap, but for anyone who is, this African rap duo might be the band for you.

Now onto the perfection that was THEESatisfaction live. I, like other fans of the band was hooked with their first single “QueenS,” a song that has a great beat and message. However, this band is about so much more than a single, truly, they are about changing the face of hip hop. From starting out in Seattle to being signed by indie label, Sub Pop records, the duo haven’t had the most typical story of a rap group, but it’s a good thing. These women rap and sing about women, female empowerment and SWAG, of which they have a lot of. They came on stage, with only some tracks on a computer to back them up, but managed to rock it. From their synchronized dancing, to their AMAZING leopard print vintage shirts, the duo was entertaining. My friends and I only knew a couple of their songs, but we found ourselves dancing to every single song they performed, and we were not alone! Though the crowd was small, everybody was vibing to the music in a way that only people at the Haunt can do (read: weird couples in sweatpants).

THEESatisfaction Photo by Mckenzie Sullivan

The band finished their amazing set with their single “QueenS” and by that point I was fully embarrassing myself in front of everyone. After their set and after a brief pause, Shabazz Palaces came on. Warning: I am really afraid of their album “Black Up” and I don’t know why. Unfortunately I had to leave a couple of songs into their set, but they seemed great. Whatever energy THEESatisfaction got going, Shabazz definitely kept up. Really, what Ithaca was privy to last night was the future of Hip Hop and a good dancing occasion on a Wednesday. Ultimately that’s what I wanted and that’s what I got!

Finally, to the people that I know personally and are aware of how crazy I am. I saw the two singers from THEESatisfaction run into the restroom at one point, and I conveniently needed to use it as well, SO I RUSHED IN WITH THEM. The definition of classy if you will. Anyways, I really wanted to ask them where to get a shirt as swag-ful as the leopard print one one of them was wearing (shirt on the right in picture above), unfortunately the shirt was from a thrift shop! The duo was incredibly nice and down to earth, and completely not phased by how weird I am, another reason to spread the word and get this band recognized!

Everyone listen to QueenS by THEESatisfaction below!