This week started out like any week, I was permanently tired and almost wishing I didn’t have to go to Auburn.  There’s always these couple hours before I go where I can’t imagine being inside a prison ever again, and yet I go. In the end what always pushes me over is the idea of going two weeks without seeing my students, something I doubt motivates most college instructors of our day.  But, I’m a newbie and for some reason still feel a rush when I can see that someone is improving across classes.

Thank god I went.  I was able to not take a super active role in class but simply spent awhile with two particular students working on the drafts of their essays.  Writing a thesis down for us seems like the most natural of things, yet I can promise you that’s not how it is everywhere.  To add to that, most of the essays we’ve written in my classes have been more personal subjects and with such compelling narratives as my students it’s sometimes hard to pay attention to structure.  Yet, Wednesday I was able to really suss out certain writing errors in essays.  I know I always say that I do prison to help others, but at times the reward for me is so great that I forget that.  I want to be a teacher.  Nothing has ever been so clear to me. Correcting essays, talking over what it means to summarize and joking around with my students is a feeling I can’t get anywhere else.  I guess it’s one of those positive uplifting weeks.

Just what I needed my last week of classes!