Last May, a group of Cornell students launched a peer-to-peer online platform called Ezra Box. Its platform, reminiscent of AirBnB’s, connects students who want to rent out their space with students who want to find storage space. Ezra Box provides an affordable alternative to storing with the typical storage options offered in Cornell such as Storage Squad and Big Red Shipping & Storage. For any student who travels far to attend Cornell, Ezra Box makes the process of finding storage as easy and as affordable as possible.

Last summer, its first summer of operation, Ezra Box was extremely successful. Ezra Box transacted 170 boxes, with an average price per box of $15.80, saving Ezra Box-listed renters save about $3,200. In addition, Ezra Box received no reports of damaged items and all the stored boxes were returned back safely to its owners.


Not only was Ezra Box beneficial for its renters but it also was for its hosts. Using Ezra Box, hosts were able to have a source of passive income for the entire summer. One host received so many renter requests that he earned almost $2,000 – enough to fund his trip to Germany!

After a successful first summer of operation, Ezra Box continues to think out of the box. As Summer 2017 is fast approaching, Ezra Box plans to help more renters save more and more hosts earn more. Similar to Cornell’s motto, Ezra Box’s simple mission stems from the belief that any person, regardless of where they live or how much they have, should have access to any storage option.

If cheap storage is of any interest to you (why wouldn’t it be?), head over to and list now!