If you’ve missed all of their hype Instagram posts and promo videos, Slope’s here to tell you that you do NOT want to miss BASE Production’s annual showcase on April 13th at 7pm in Bailey Hall!!! President Hannah Friedman shared with us that “the team has been working extremely hard this entire year for BASE IN YO FACE 2019. The energy and excitement each member has is amazing. You can’t not smile while watching them dance!”

As a senior BASE member, Hannah says “it has been an honor to be one of our presidents this year, and I am so excited for my 4th and favorite showcase!” Freshmen dancers Amanda Green and Cat Berry are equally as excited for their first showcase as BASE has been their outlet from all things stressful at school. Amanda’s favorite part about BASE is how “the energy when you walk into rehearsal is contagious and always picks you up no matter what kind of day you’re having.” Cat loves how BASE is such a “great break from school work where you can just be with your friends and dance.” On behalf of the entire co-ed dance troupe, they want welcome you to come party on April 13th!

Check out their promo videos on Instagram @baseproductions!!

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