As we head home for Spring Break, we excitedly prepare for sleep, good food, and the luxury of our own homes. At the same time, we know that we’ll miss our friends, our clubs, and- don’t forget- the beautiful nature of Ithaca while we’re gone. That being said, we all have a list of things that we will NOT miss about Cornell when home for break. Granted, these nuisances add to Cornell’s charm, but we can do without them for a week or so. After all, we’re on a break.


No matter how much you may enjoy your lecture, you definitely won’t miss the sound of your alarm chirping at 8:00 am (or more realistically 8:45 am) telling you to go to that first class of the day. Enjoy the alarm-less week, everyone!


Whether you’re used to trains, subways, cars, buses, or walking to get around at home, I’d predict that it’s more time efficient than the TCAT. The combination of its unreliable schedule and dangerous proximity to the curb (and you) when pulling up to the stop will definitely not be missed.

3Waiting on Lunch Lines×3-xT5LMuHy92KbOfnd8A

Pulling up to Terrace or Macs at 12 pm? Get ready to wait at least 30 minutes for your food. We’ll all forget about this as soon as we walk into our kitchens, open the fridge, and food is readily available. Don’t get too used to the immediacy of lunch because when you come back, it’ll be back to the same old routine.

4Trying to Find Tables

Whether you’re at Zeus, Libe Cafe, Terrace or Macs, at Cornell, we all become somewhat lurkish. We slowly walk by each table, creepily hovering over people, waiting for one person to get up and relinquish a coveted table Over break, it’ll be nice to take a break from this horrible (yet absolutely necessary) process.

5The Hills

While it is true that our calves might lose their muscular and toned look, we definitely won’t miss walking uphill, both ways. Whether walking around Collegetown on the steepest hills, possibly ever, or the more discreet inclines like Ho Plaza, we can get used to some flat surfaces at home.

6The Clocktower

The clocktower is cool and all, but wouldn’t it be nice if 15 minutes passed and you could enjoy them in peaceful silence? As much as we all love the Cornell Alma Mater, we won’t miss hearing it every day at lunch-time, that’s for sure.