Young Thug nearly broke the internet with the album cover for his newly released mixtape, Jeffery. Thug, who released his album on August 25th, donned a blue dress designed by Alessandro Trincone for the cover art, thus pushing gender fluidity further in hip-hop music as well as pop culture. However, despite Thug’s seeming feminine mystique, this project is far from a timely statement on sexual philosophy. In fact, the overt misogyny displayed on the album can be overwhelming at times. The odd juxtaposition between the cover art and the lyrical composition can leave listeners uncertain about Young Thug’s message.

Thug is interesting because his aesthetic seems too calculated. His non-discernible, careless flow is debatably the weirdest sound in hip hop, but it totally works. Even with a unique voice and an incredible fashion sense, Thug struggles to write lyrics of any (and I mean ANY) substance, which greatly cheapens his sound. On the opening track, “Wyclef Jean”, Thug boasts “Okay, my money longer than a Nascar race, I told her keep going on the gas, f*** the brakes”. Meaningless lyrics such as these seem to typify the sector of rap that Young Thug occupies, though it doesn’t make them any more worthwhile to listen to.

Despite the lack of lyrical prowess displayed, Jeffery is extremely easy to listen to. Tight drill beats against deep bass and ambient synths make this record the perfect “turn-up” music. With features including Travis Scott, Gucci Mane and Quavo, there is no lack of energy on each and every track, but as a whole project, there are certainly some gaps.

Thug proclaimed his latest release a mixtape, but the professionally mastered sound and beautiful album artwork certainly make this project feel much more like an album. Luckily for Young Thug, we dig it. With such an expressive voice and interesting array of instrumental sounds, we can look past the superficial lyrics and appreciate Jeffery for what it is: a sound like no other.

Key Tracks; “RIRI”, “Wyclef Jean”, “Future Swag”, “Kanye West”