Author: Ali Spandorfer

This Sunday, the Carolina Panthers will take on the Denver Broncos at Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco, California. Every year, people want to go all-out to celebrate one of the biggest sporting events of the year–and every year, they tend to get a little crazy in the process. To relieve some of stress of the day, here are some steps you can take to have the best Super Bowl Sunday:


1. Find a group of friends.

2. Go to someone’s house.

3. Preferably the one with the biggest television.

4. Or two.

5. Show up decked out in your favorite team’s apparel.

6. We won’t mind if you wear a New York Jets or New England Patriots Jersey.


7. Purchase snacks.

8. Potato chips?

9. Spinach and artichoke dip?

10. Salsa?

11. Order them all.


12. Order some wings.

13. Barbecue?

14. Mild?

15. Spicy?

16. Get them all.


17. Prepare some pigs in a blanket

18. Dedicate a room to hardcore commercial watchers.

19. Purchase your favorite beverages.

20. And Bud Light for those of legal age.


21. Make sure you have extra batteries for the remote.

22. And a back up TV.

23. And a comfortable couch.

24. And cleaning supplies for when someone inevitably spills.


25. Your cell phone to text your buddies at another Super Bowl Party.

26. A betting pool board.

27. Extra cash.

28. A few tissues for the sore losers.


29. Trivia about past Super Bowl games.

30. These can be dumb.

31. Very dumb.

32. But make some flashcards to study.

33. Or your “Football for Dummies” book

34. Because you don’t want to lose


35. Admit it, you want to impress your significant other.

36. And his or her friends.

37. To prep for the halftime show, put together a Coldplay Spotify playlist.

38. Throw in a few Beyoncé singles.

39. And Bruno Mars songs.

40. And listen to it again.

41. And again.

42. And again.

43. And again, up until the halftime show actually comes on and you focus all your attention on the screen.


44. But most importantly, surround yourself with friends

45. And with family.

46. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about who wins,


47. Or about who loses.

48. It’s about the memories you’ll make,

49. And the laughs you’ll share,

50. Eating and watching a football game with people you love.